Johs.H.Giæver owns a fishing
factory in the center of Hennings-
vær harbour, a fishing village built
by nature itself. This is the most
distinctive fishing village in
Lofoten.The long and narrow
harbouris often called "down town
Lofoten", and the authentic
architecture gives Henningsvær
its unique atmosphere.
The fishing factory is new and
modern with all facilities both for
fishermen and visitors.During the
fisheries 20-30 fishingboats deliver
their catches every day, caught
with different fishing tackles. In
March-April,at the peak of the
Lofoten fisheries,our company
receives 200-300 tons of Lofoten
cod during a few intense weeks.
Most of the cod is dried on racks and turns
into stockfish thanks to the climate. These
drying racks have a big influence on the
atmoshere and surroundings of Hennings-
vær,filled with fish as they are from
March till Mid-summer. Some of the cod
is, instead of being dried, exported to
Europe as salt cod or split cod. The cod-
roes are prepared and exported to
producers of caviar,especially to Sweden.