We have three sea-houses in the
eastern part of Henningsvær harbour
to let, and one shack on its own.

The factory with the reception is
situated in the end of the harbour,
where the fish is delivered during the
winter. Here are rooms with three or
four beds,common showers, kitchen
and living-room with TV. During the
winter-season these rooms are used
by workers at the factory, while during
the summertime they are let out to
The "little shack" is placed on its own be-
side the factory.It has got place enough for
two persons and contains a bathroom and a
small kitchen.

The two other sea-houses are situated in
the inner region of the harbour,close to the
pier. Here are apartments containing one
or two bedrooms,living-room with TV and
a kitchen each. (Four,five or six beds each
with family-beds,double-bed or bunk bed.)
Here is also terrace/balcony with a view to
the southern and north-western part of the
On the quai-level is an apart-
ment specially adjusted to users
of wheelchairs. Here is a bath-
room,kitchen/livingroom with TV
and sleepingroom.

All fishermen’s shacks and
apartments are recently re-
staured,the standard is high and
the kitchens are well equipped
for 2-6 persons.

Photos from the rooms.